Saturday, November 20, 2010

Is it tacky to pee behind your garage?

File this under: Household Bummers

Every 7-8 months or so, our toilet backs up and creepiness comes up the tub drain, putting everything else onto the back burner until we get our friends at Roto Rooter out to clear the line, and are able to use the toilet and shower of our ONLY bathroom again.

Today is that day. The issue has been resolved by the snake, but we've decided to bite the bullet on the larger problem. As I type this,there are two men vigorously digging near the front of the house where they will install an access point to our drain so that we are (a) up to code, and so (b) if this happens again, the back-up will happen in the yard, not our bathroom.

Price tag: $1,800.
Time job will be complete: ??:?? pm.

Begs the question "Why am I drinking a third cup of coffee?"

Edited to add: 3:20 pm. That's when they finished.

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