Sunday, November 7, 2010

Daylight Savings & Bagel Delivery

Can never remember if the savings start now or end now. Either way, all I know is that this morning, being woken at 6:30 am really meant being woken at 5:30 am. As soon as he was loosed on the world, E ran to the living room because that's where the trains are.

Milk and bagels for breakfast; F1 race on the TV; Mr. N brought bagels and stayed for a bit. Ordered my long-impossible-to-find Vincent Longo loose powder in 'Porcelain.' Nice morning, so far.

Should probably note some stats about the toddler formerly known as...

32 inches tall
26.3 lbs
49 cm head circumference

For those playing along at home, that's 50 percentile for height, 60 percentile for weight and a whopping 80 percentile for head size. My guess is that the extra large noggin has something to do with the slightly above average weight.

For the record, he is 18 months, 1 week old and counting.

Go E!

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Jack K. said...

I do like the counting part.

Thanks for sharing the link to this site. I finally had some time to read every posting.

You do have some fun times and some trying times to look forward to. Hopefully they will be more fun than trying.

Love ya,