Saturday, December 26, 2009

Baby's nearly 8 months old

The lengthy time span between the last post and now pretty much sums up how busy we've been with our little bug.

In mid-August he flipped from front-to-back.
Mid-September, he did the reverse.
Mid-October, started sitting up (sloppily) while unassisted.
Mid-November, he got really good at it.
Early December, crawling like a champ.
Mid-December, pulling self up on knees.

He's got 2 teeth in his lower gums. So while we slept blissfully through the night in August-Sept-Oct, we are now back to 1,2 and sometimes 3 wakings per night.

He waves and reaches for everything. Loves looking at lights (Christmas tree, ceiling light, ornate fixture, pretty much anything with a glow.) He's really social. Ready with the big smiles for everyone. The other day at Nichols for lunch I had him over my shoulder for a sec and he made the entire booth of ladies behind me audibly swoon. Flirt!

His vocabulary is "Dah" "Duh" "Bah" and variations on the theme. A lotta cute babbling and cooing going on at all times. Wonder where he got the chattiness?

So, yeah, here we all are. Happy Little Family.