Saturday, November 6, 2010

Boring is better than trying too hard

The sprout got into a tub of Vaseline and smeared the clock radio, bedside table, floor, himself before running in to share the situation with me. I tried to wipe his hands but by the time I had the cloth available, he was gleefully smearing the goo on his hands on the glass of our framed Airstream print (which happened to be leaning against a low wall .)

Emphasis on the 'gleefully' part, please.

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Jack K. said...

Didn't you make some pronouncement in an earlier posting about the place being childproofed? chuckle.

Welcome to the "real" side of parenting. I remember a little girl who just had to work with an electric cord to see if she could unplug it. Or, was it plug it in? Anyway, putting tiny fingers across the tines did cause a tingle and tears.

Parenthood is a wonderful challenge.

I'll tell you what your mother and I said to each other about you girls, "You gotta love 'em and keep the faith". It worked. You both turned just fine.

We love you all.