Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Call and Response

The other night we played with a puzzle App on my iPhone. The point of the puzzle application (it's called Tozzle and actually kind of sucks but it is a free demo version) is for the child to match the picture appearing in the upper corner of the screen with the appropriate empty outline on the puzzle --then drag and drop the item into said space.

My boy has yet to master the drag-and-drop puzzle technique, but he does like to tap the shapes on the various puzzle screens because they make neat sounds. In this story, the shapes on the puzzle were the numbers 1-9, so the App announced the names of the numbers.

You still with me? Our child began to tap...

App Voice: "Seven"
He:  Eight!

App Voice: "Two"
He: Three!

I got a little excited, thinking there might be someone in the family naturally gifted with numbers, so I tapped a couple on my own to see if our prodigy knew them:

Me/App Voice: "One"
He: (Nothing)

Me/App Voice: "Three"
He: (Nothing)

Me/App Voice: "Ten"
He: (Grins and looks at me) "All Done"

Oh well.

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Jack K. said...

Great gales of laughter from your mother and me. It won't be long before he masters that and will bug you for the full set.

Thanks for keeping us posted on his progress. He is a rather bright young man.

Love ya,