Monday, December 22, 2008

22 Weeks

I'm a long-lapsed blogger, but now that I'm actually pregnant this will seem far less pathetic. (Sorry for seeming unfeeling to all the 'ttc" ladies--but I just couldn't post about my sex life and feel like it was meaningful or interesting or appropriate or fill-in-the-blank.) As it is, it's probably still a little pathetic.

So 22 weeks:

Heartburn from pretty much everything. Seriously, even toast has been a problem food.

Sometimes heartburn is a blessing--like the way I now "KNOW" definitively not to indulge in another Christmas-stocking shaped cookie, like the one I ate at 9:30 this morning which is now chewing up my esophagus in the most alarming manner.

I need to redraw my mental boundaries for my new size.

I inadvertently rested my belly on the edge of the ladies room sink an hour ago and have a cold wet spot spanning my entire midsection now. I say "inadvertent" because in my regular non-pregnant condition standing that close to the sink never carried the same results. Oops.

Baby registries are challenging, so this is going to take me a couple weeks to finish.

You would think registering for STUFF would be awesome, but it is stressful in its own right. Target and Babies R Us are the two usual suspects, but the stuff is all too fussy looking. And the list of things a baby needs is endless. My friend DD gave me a list of everything she and her husband registered for. At least now I know some kind of swing/bouncy thing is a MUST if I want any shot at peace and quiet in the first few months. I don't want to register for things that are too expensive, but then I don't want to end up with a house full of themed merchandise that eerily matches the old cover of "What to Expect When You're Expecting." Ick.

I need a similarly pregnant friend.

Someone within a couple weeks of my due date. So that we can complain about our aches n' such and find it endlessly interesting/reassuring. When you are 40, the field of existing friends in the same boat is limited. My friend DR is preggers too--she's 7 weeks behind me. And killer on the research, so I can always count on her to know what products I shouldn't go near on my registry.
Other than all of those realizations, I'm doing well. Waking up in a panic when I realized I'm sleeping on my back (it's a kind of important circulation of blood back to the heart issue that makes you need to sleep on your side, it turns out) and having to deal with those extra pillows is interesting; but the charlie horses have kept to a minimum. And my skin is roughly the same as hair and nails, slightly better--which is a nice bonus. No one is touching my belly unprovoked yet. So yep, I'm a trouper and so far, it's kind of fun.