Sunday, November 21, 2010

Surprise Nap

90 minutes before the 'scheduled' time, E just conked out. D is going to the store so we can feed our Thanksgiving guests. I cannot believe that the holidays are here. Yet they are. Me + new Direct TV remote have a matinee date.

Oh, what horrible chick flick to watch?!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Is it tacky to pee behind your garage?

File this under: Household Bummers

Every 7-8 months or so, our toilet backs up and creepiness comes up the tub drain, putting everything else onto the back burner until we get our friends at Roto Rooter out to clear the line, and are able to use the toilet and shower of our ONLY bathroom again.

Today is that day. The issue has been resolved by the snake, but we've decided to bite the bullet on the larger problem. As I type this,there are two men vigorously digging near the front of the house where they will install an access point to our drain so that we are (a) up to code, and so (b) if this happens again, the back-up will happen in the yard, not our bathroom.

Price tag: $1,800.
Time job will be complete: ??:?? pm.

Begs the question "Why am I drinking a third cup of coffee?"

Edited to add: 3:20 pm. That's when they finished.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

My Dream Came True

Husband and Child asleep, while I sipped hot tea and answered emails, very very quietly in the same bed. They slept til 8!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Daylight Savings & Bagel Delivery

Can never remember if the savings start now or end now. Either way, all I know is that this morning, being woken at 6:30 am really meant being woken at 5:30 am. As soon as he was loosed on the world, E ran to the living room because that's where the trains are.

Milk and bagels for breakfast; F1 race on the TV; Mr. N brought bagels and stayed for a bit. Ordered my long-impossible-to-find Vincent Longo loose powder in 'Porcelain.' Nice morning, so far.

Should probably note some stats about the toddler formerly known as...

32 inches tall
26.3 lbs
49 cm head circumference

For those playing along at home, that's 50 percentile for height, 60 percentile for weight and a whopping 80 percentile for head size. My guess is that the extra large noggin has something to do with the slightly above average weight.

For the record, he is 18 months, 1 week old and counting.

Go E!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Boring is better than trying too hard

The sprout got into a tub of Vaseline and smeared the clock radio, bedside table, floor, himself before running in to share the situation with me. I tried to wipe his hands but by the time I had the cloth available, he was gleefully smearing the goo on his hands on the glass of our framed Airstream print (which happened to be leaning against a low wall .)

Emphasis on the 'gleefully' part, please.