Thursday, July 15, 2010

Oozing Bites

Nope, not describing a Hot Pocket.

Three weird looking bite-like spots on my baby's precious tender skin that appeared on his leg/ankle Tuesday and got worse on Wednesday. Urgent Care doc said maybe they were bites that were infected (one's ready to get oozy) or else an allergic reaction to a bug bite. Ick, ick, ick. Urgent care doc's analysis sounded a little like the theories we were floating at home, but with less conviction than I expect from a medical professional. A phone consult with the sis-in-law pediatrician contradicted some of his advice.

We got his antibiotics and a little bit of Benadryl cream for the affected areas; he goes to his regular pediatrician tomorrow to get a more child-specific diagnosis, given that the two current sets of information (phone consult and non-pediatric visit) conflict.

David vacuumed the perimeter of the child's crib and the corners of his room, should their be spiders. I suspect this happened at daycare, where strange things often happen and no one notices.