Tuesday, April 27, 2010

One year!

We're hitting the one-year mark tomorrow. E is a superstar! Feeding himself little cubes of squishy stuff (tofu, kiwi, banana, cooked carrot) and cruising around the living room. Sleeping through the night and waking up to talk with his toys until we parents get it together enough to map out the a.m. plan of attack (D takes dog, J goes to baby and we work in the pee opportunities as needed.) He has 6 teeth. 4 adorably jagged uppers that are killing me with their cuteness. We 'brush' them with the little fingertip brush and his banana and apple flavored toothpaste. He's a giggling maniac and a lighting enthusiast. Love him!

His best move is the spontaneous Humpy Dance (not to be confused with the Humpty Dance) - he will be standing, holding onto something and then some repetitive beat starts and he's boom-boom-boom knees bent, looking around the room with a smile, like a wee little DJ at some imaginary turntables.

Family in town for the Big First Birthday party on Sunday. Ok, the little party. I'm not going crazy. He'll have a cake and some decorations and gifts, but none of that insane over-the-top stuff like hired entertainers or mobile petting zoo. I'm a spaz and we have a dog. Done and done.