Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Summer Recap

Okay, so that was a hu-u-uge lapse in posting while I did a good number of the Foxy things I planned on doing all Summer long. What did I do on my theoretic "last summer" - a summer of joy, freedom and the search for a pre-natal vitamin that didn't make me constipated and angry?

Um, according to my poorly-kept calendar, we went to see L & M's new home in Pasadena (was lovely!) and did a little BBQ...and I gave the dog a dose of Frontline on the 15th. I wrote a couple restaurant pieces for Metromix.com in LA.

Went to the Stax 50th Reunion show at the Hollywood Bowl. Saw Bobby Rush at Regency West. That Bobby Rush show was the most delightfully filthy thing I've ever seen. Seriously, his back-up dancers each do a booty solo. And change wardrobe a number of times. Got a physical from my regular doctor.

Saw Bourne Ultimatum. Checked out Wilson restaurant in Culver City. Went to Ann Arbor and New York as a tag-a-long on Mr. G's business trip; bought lots of inexpensive accessories in New York. Saw Mark Olson and The Last Town Chorus. Met with a literary agency about ghost-writing. Gave dog another Frontline treatment. Dyed hair to cover grays.

Tequila tasting at Patrick's place. Had Ministry interview published nationally on Metromix.com. Went to Joshua Tree to the most serene place EVER, Sacred Sands, for the one-year anniversary. Hiked in the National Park. Breathed clean yet dry air.

And that brings us up to date...

Where I have decided not to obsess on temperatures and charts and ovulation and stuff. (At least until we reach a point where it looks like just having lots of unprotected sex isn't going to work out.)

And...where I have found the right pre-natal vitamin. I'm rockin' the Whole Foods' variety. Do I suck for not knowing the brand name? They're $13.99 for a month's supply and my doctor says they're FINE and I don't need the heavy-duty prescription ones with their intense supply of iron. Iron being the culprit causing the constipation and hence, what seemed to be a CONSTANT state of irritability on my part. Funnily enough, my iron levels were elevated above normal when my blood work came back from my doctor's appointment in July: If "175" is on the high end of normal, my sorry self clocked in at 203.

Just happy that's not my cholesterol count!!!

Anyone want to take bets on the time till conception?!